About RS Microwave



Our company was founded in January 1981 with the mission of designing and producing high quality RF and Microwave filters.  Dr. Richard V. Snyder, founder of RS, had developed and wanted to pursue filter technology unavailable and unaggressively pursued at the time.  Specifically, he developed an approach to implementation of filter networks involving the use of evanescent modes of propagation that offered a good combination of size and insertion loss, not achievable with any other method current at the time.  Since that time the Company has also developed unique lumped element networks with symmetrical response, dielectric resonator designs (1 MHz bandwidth with a center frequency of 8 GHz!), compact high power, low-loss notch filters, the smallest possible multiplexers, filters with wide passbands 

and wide stopbands combined with high power capability (1-4 GHz passband, stopband to 20GHz, 1 KW operation), blind-mate filters (as small as drop-in designs) for high isolation applications, Bessel-Thompson world standard filters (our OR series) for use in optical communication systems, and a host of other unique products for system application including: in-line bandpass filters with finite transmission zeroes, reduced size high power filters, wide band high power filters, and other developlments.  We have developed a series of unique multimode filters employing both waveguide and dielectric resonators, in a configuration allowing for pseudo-elliptic responses but with in-line physical configuration, coupled with high power operation and wide stopbands.  Our new filter topologies include the use of multiple waveguide modes, in "bypass" configurations, enhancing the in-line configurations with additional transmission zeros for very sharp rejection characteristics.

We are the major supplier of filters for the world-wide LINK-16 programs, a high power spread spectrum military communication link which interfaces with TACANIFF, other data links, and other navigation and communication systems.  We are the largest supplier of high power notch filters in the world.  We have been and/or continue to be a major supplier on MIDSJTIDS, ASPJ, AESAALQ-172LAMPSALR67 (ASR)Rapport III, SLQ32GPNSPS-48, GBR, AMRAAM, SM-2, AEGIS, TTNT, F-22, F-35, etc.  Our customers include most of these major system manufacturers in the world.

RS Microwave utilizes the latest computer-aided design techniques with standardized mechanical approaches to minimize size, cost, and delivery time while optimizing performance.  The company is approved to AS9100 Quality System.  All of our assembly and tests are performed in accordance with MIL-STD-2000 or 2000A.  Our assemblers are certified to J-STD-1000.  Everyone in the company is certified to ESD standards.  Our manufacturing system is LEAN.  We perform environmental testing on the majority of our products, including high power, temperature-altitude and leak resistance.  Our filters and multiplexers are on many of the U.S. government QPL or NSN lists as standard approved items.  Our filter products have been under the sea, on the ground, in tanks, in fighters, bombers, missiles, and satellites.  We are considered "best of breed" in small size or high power.

Products in Brief


1 MHz to 50 GHz


1 MHz to 40 GHz


1 MHz to 40 GHz

  • High Power
  • Low Loss
  • Blind-Mate
  • Drop In
  • Dielectric Resonator
  • Notch Filters
  • Coax or Waveguide
  • Contiguous
  • Non - Contiguous
  • Switched

Combinations, including:

  • Filters
  • Circulators
  • Amplifiers
  • Switches


Military and Commercial Components for

  • Communications
  • Radar
  • ECM
  • Cellular
Fast Response to Tough Requirements
  • High or Low Rate Production
  • AS9100 Quality System
  • Certified to J-STD-1000
  • ESD Certified
  • High Quality LEAN Manufacturing
  • Compliant with MIL-STD-2000

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