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May 2021 The Extracted Zero Technique
Jan 2019 Advanced Simulation Technique for Real-time Optimization of Cavity Filters
Fall 2015 Waveguide Filters Using Dielectric Resonators
Nov 2014

Evanescent Mode Filters Using Nonresonating Mode Waveguide Cavities

Feb 2014

Multipactor comes to RS Microwave

July 2013

Advanced Evanescent Mode Filters Using Strongly Coupled Resonator Pairs

Feb 2013

Inline Pseudoelliptic Dielectric Resonator Filters Using Multiple Evanescent Modes

Aug 2011

Parallel Coupled Line and Inter-digital Filters with Unusually Broad Upper Stop Bandwidth

July 2011 In-line Evanescent-mode Filter with Independent Transmission Zeros
Sept 2010 Wide Pass-band, Wide Stop-band, High Power, Reduced Size, Bandpass Filter
Aug 2010 Wide Pass-band, Wide Stop-band, High Power Bandpass Filter
Mar 2010 Four-channel Broadband Multiplexer
Aug 2009 Unique Waveguide Bandpass Filters with Wide Stop-bands
Sept 2008 "Improving Temperature Stability of Resonators"
Nov 2007 High Power Testing
Oct 2005 Wide Pass-band, Wide Stop-band, High Power Band-stop Filters
May 2004

RSPLOT™ to the Rescue!

Feb 2004 Evanescent Mode Band-stop Filters
Feb 2003 High-pass Filter Design Using Stepped Impedance Resonators
June 2000 The 1030/1090 Notch Filter Story
Dec 1998 Quasi-optimum Filters - A Series of Articles - Part 2
Sep 1998 Quasi-optimum Filters - A Series of Articles
Jul 1998 Quasi-eliptic Notch Filters for AMPS/GSM Separation
May 1998 Why You Should NOT Design Your Own Filter
Mar 1998 Diplexer Design Using Cross Coupled Filters
Jan 1998 GPS Two-pass-band Filter
Dec 1997 Switched Filters
Nov 1997 Multiplexers
Sept 1997 Compensation of Filter-filter Interactions within Narrow Band Filter Assemblies: Application To Congested Spectrum Scenarios
Aug 1997 Why Choose RS Microwave above the others?
June 1997 Dielectric Resonator Filters with Resonated Cross Coupling
May 1997 Using Resonated Couplings In Filters
Feb 1997 Inverted Resonator Evanescent Mode Filters
Jan 1997 Compact High Power Notch Filters
Dec 1997 Simulating Leakage Effects in Lumped Element Filters
Nov 1996 The Art of Simulation
Oct 1996

Filter Subsystems

Blind-mate Filters

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