P/N 62021A-2

P/N  62021A-2 Waveguide Bandpass Filter

This P/N 62021A-2 is the latest development in the RS Microwave waveguide bandpass filter line, which features extremely wide stopbands. Combining low loss TE101 mode waveguide for the basic bandpass structure with an evanescent mode “roofing” filter, the 62021A-2 achieves a low loss passband, wide stopbands and a series of mechanical bends compatible with satellite communication terminal applications.


Passband: 7250 to 7750 MHz
Maximum Passband Loss: 0.85 dB from 7.3 to 8.35 GHz;
0.95 dB from 7.25 to 7.3 and from 8.35 to 8.4 GHz
(typically 0.1 dB lower at 20 deg. C)
Minimum Rejection -55 dB: DC-7100, 7900 to 25200 MHz
Operating Temperature Range: -55 to +70 C for full specification operation

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