P/N 90371A-1 & 90371A-2

Low Pass Cable Filters

Low Pass "Cable" Filters

These lowpass filters are RS Microwave’s answer to lowpass filters built in a cable. These designs employ a mixed lumped-distributed circuit to provide the lowpass functionality, combined with the easy insertion advantages of filters built in a cable. RS Microwave has developed a line of lowpass and bandpass designs to fill the void left by the departure of another filter vendor from this product area. In filling the void, we have tried to improve on the design, separating the filter implementation from the cable-bending operation. The result is availability of “filters in a cable”, with highly reliable filters and form-fit-function replacement of the earlier designs.



-3 dBc passband: DC-5000 MHz
Maximum ripple of 0.2 dB: 454-574 MHz
Maximum 0.55 dB insertion loss: 454-574 MHz
Minimum –50 dB rejection: 10-10.5 GHz
Configuration: As shown for the two units

Test Data

P/N 90371A-1


P/N 90371A-1 test data

P/N 90371A-2

Test Data P/N 90371A-2

Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing 90371A-1 & 2

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