P/N 50822B-2


50822b 2 photo

SPS-49 Radar Band Rejection filter

P/N 50822B-2 is the latest in the RS Microwave Band Rejection filter designed for resolving cosite interference problem with SPS-49 Long Range Radar. This filter has very wide upper passband ratio (Upper passband limit is extended to more than 5:1 passband ratio). The unit is constructed in air-slab line, achieving high unloaded Q, which minimizes the insertion loss while maximizing the stopband attenuation. The unit features Type N(f) connectors but can be supplied with other types upon request.



DC - 800, 1000 - 5000 MHz

Max. Passband Insertion Loss:

<1 dB (0.4 dB typical)

Max. Passband Return Loss

< -13 dB

Min. –45 dBc Rejection

850 - 945 MHz

Rejection Power Handling Limit

10 W Average, 50 W Peak


Type N (f)

Operating Temperature

-40 to 85 degrees C

Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing 50822B-2

Test Data

Test Data 50822B-2

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