JTIDS Components


JTIDS Components

JTIDS is a secure, frequency-agile, spread-spectrum, military communication system that operates in the 969 -1206 MHz band. It is used in many CNI Suites and contains the TACAN and IFF frequency bands. As a result the JTIDS band is "Notched" from 1008 to 1053 and 1065 to 1113 MHz to prevent interference. JTIDS is installed on all type of aircraft, on ships and on both fixed and mobile based ground systems.

RS Microwave makes more JTIDS filters than any other company in the world.

This brief listing describes many of the currently available standard filters and assemblies.

All parts are available with connectors or pins to meet specific requirements, and "Specials" are always available.

The components listed are representative of our broad line. They are listed functionally and by part number.

Among the functional components built by RS Microwave are:

  • Bandpass Filters
  • Diplexers
  • Notch Filters
  • Switched Filters
  • Special Assemblies
  • Notch Filter Assemblies

All JTIDS components are built to MIL standards and qualification data is available.

Performance specifications listed represent "Worst Case" i.e.-Insertion Loss, VSWR, Rejection and Group Delay at the worst point in the band. This is often much worse than typical since it is at the edge of a rejection notch or passband. Typical data values can be supplied. All dimensions are exclusive of connectors.

Performance can be tailored to specific requirements.

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