P/N 71983A-1 and 71983A-2 Dielectric Resonator Filters

P/N 71983A-1 & -2

P/N 71983A-1 and 71983A-2 are eighth order dielectric resonator filters employing a pair of cross couplings for additional stopband attenuation and passband flatness characteristics. These filters employ short, single section evanescent mode filters to couple between two pairs of resonators. The couplings between the other resonators are inductive irises, tuned but not resonated. The evanescent filter coupling between the cross-coupled resonators uses a re-entrant section of coaxial line to provide the capacitance required to resonate the equivalent shunt inductance of the below cutoff (evanescent mode) section of waveguide which is what the irises represent. The filter response is typical of the shaping possible with this latest RS Microwave patented (U.S. 5,220,300) technique. The units employ our proprietary resonator mounting method which essentially "vibration-proofs" the structure.


      • Center Frequency  P/N 71983A-1 & 71983A-2                  1521 MHz
      • Minimum 0.25 dBc Passband Width                                42 or 52 MHz
      • Maximum Loss over above Bandwidths                                1 dB
      • Ratio of 3 dB Bandwidth / 0.25 dB Bandwidth                  1.1 max
      • Ratio of 30 dB Bandwidth / 3 dB Bandwidth                    1.27 max
      • Operating Temperature Range                                          0° to 60° C
      • Size                                                                           9.5" x 7.0" x 2.89" plus connectors

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Outline Drawing

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