DR Series


U.S. PATENT 5,220,300

DR filters employ a new, patent-applied for coupling principle, to achieve the advantages of dielectric resonators while eliminating an important disadvantage. Utilizing properly located resonated irises, spurious modes are Very high Q resonators suppressed. The low loss dominant mode can Lower insertion loss than waveguide thus be used to provide excellent passband -50 dB stopband up to twice FO characteristics without the penalty of spurious Center frequencies from 800 Mhz to mode proximity which usually reduces the 18 GHz stopband levels to unacceptable levels in Bandwidth from 5 Mhz to 100 MHz previous designs. Typically, stopband levels can Connectors or waveguide in/out be maintained to about twice center frequency at Bandpass or bandstop -9 dB minimum, per section. This means that a 6 Tunable designs available section DR filter will display a -55 dB stopband Temperature-compensated width of about 2.2 times the passband width, up to Sealed designs available almost twice FO.

DR filters feature internal potting, to prevent vibration-related failures and to minimize microphonic or phase-noise related problems. As a consequence, the passband insertion loss for DR filters is about 1.5 times the level computed from dielectric resonator catalog unloaded Q data.

DR filters feature temperature-compensated silver-plated aluminum packaging, with performance from -55 to +85 C. DR filters are designed and constructed for the most demanding environments. The resonators can be mounted on thermally conductive supports, for higher power applications.

Basic structure

Typical Performance

performance graph

Passband Model 12211-1

Drawing 1211-1

Other packages sizes and types are available.

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