Tunable Filters

Our mechanically tunable bandpass and bandstop filters come in many version. At frequencies below 6 GHz, they are typically coupled coaxial cavities with a mechanically movable tuning spindle. Above 6 GHz, most units are coupled cylindrical cavities operating in a waveguide mode. Tuning is accomplished with a movable plunger. Most units are gang-tuned, gear coupled to a common shaft. Filters can be provided with direct-reading tape readouts, micrometers or calibration charts. Some coaxial units are available which tune with constant passband width.   

Typical specifications are:

  • Type: Bandpass: 4 pole, coaxial
  • Tuning range: 4.4-5.0 GHz
  • Passband width: 30 MHz nominal
  • Passband loss: 2dB max at center frequency
  • Readout type: Direct tape

Tunable Filter Picture

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