High Power Bandpass Filter:  P/N 91122A-1


91122A-1 HP Bandpass Filter

P/N 91122A-1 is a right-angle transition version of the 60661A-3 JTIDS/MIDS high power bandpass filter. This unique drop-in device incorporates our traditional high power evanescent mode bandpass design with an additional coaxial notch at 944 MHz to ensure compliance with demanding CS04 test requirements. The filter is as small as can be when considering the combination of high power performance and low insertion loss. The unit is gold flashed for materials compatability in drop-in applications.



962-1213 MHz

Max. passband loss

0.8 dB (0.6 dB typical)

Max. passband delay variation

± 2.75 ns PTP (± 2 ns from 969-1206 MHz)

Min. rejection at 944 MHz

8 dBc

Min. rejection at 900 MHz

19 dBc

Min. rejection at 1250 MHz

5.5 dBc

Min. rejection at 1295 MHz

25 dBc

Min. rejection

-50 dB DC-600, 1484-14000 MHz

Filter response

Monotonic within 2 dB down to 900 MHz,

except in the immediate vicinity of the notch at 944 MHz.

Passband power

300 W pk, 22% duty long term, 36% short term

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Band Rejection Filter:  P/N 50151B-2



Low-Loss High Rejection Bandstop Filter


Used for rejection of MIDS/JTIDS, this is a bandstop design of a new type, offering very wide stopbands combined with passbands significantly wider than any previously available. Similar broadband designs are available for rejection of other radar and communication bands. These filters can be combined with switches to form receiver protection systems, reducing or eliminating broadband receiver desensitization issues in large-signal cosite scenarios.


Minimum -50 dB stopband

969-1206 MHz

Maximum 1.3B insertion loss

DC-920, 1286-5000 MHz

RF Power

At least 80 W peak, 20 W Avg

Operating temperature

-10 to +50 C

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Outline Drawing 50151B-2

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Test Data 50151B-2

Band Rejection Filter: P/N 61703B-3




JTIDS/MIDS Band Rejection Filter

This P/N 61703B-3 is the latest in the RS Microwave Band Rejection filter designed for resolving cosite interference problem with the JTIDS/MIDS Band. This filter has very steep transition slopes from passband to stopband (6 MHz is typical.). The unit is constructed as an elliptic air-slab line design, achieving high unloaded Q, which minimizes the insertion loss while maximizing the stopband attenuation.


Pass Bands

DC - 960 MHz, 1227-3000 MHz

Average Passband Loss

-1 dBa Max.

-3dBc Passband cutoff points

960 and 1227 MHz

Passband VSWR

1.6 : 1 (Typical)

Min. -35 dBc Rejections

966 – 1206 MHz

Power Limit

At least 50 W peak, 20 W Avg.

Temperature Range

-30 degrees C to +60 degrees C


Vibration, Shock, Humidity, Salt

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Picture PN 61703B-3

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