P/N 53681C 5-Channel Multiplexer


P/N 53681C is a 5-channel multiplexer designed and built for satellite application.  Rugged and light weight, it has 5 passbands covering UHF to S-band - a 10:1 frequency range; but, the concept is adaptable to applications allowing for additional channels of differing widths.  The design combines evanescent mode filters and high Q-factor lumped components into a pseudo-elliptic complementary combining network, resulting in low-loss/high-isolation performance with wide, spurious-free stop bands and high power capability. 






Channel parameter limit min max
1 passband freq mhz 430 670
2 passband freq mhz 727.5 947.5
3 passband freq mhz 1055 1695
4 passband freq mhz 1815 2135
5 passband freq mhz 2317.5 3457.5
1-5 passband il db   3.0
passband rl db 9.5  
rejection dbc 35  
amplitude flatness db p-p   0.5
ampl flat stability db p-p   0.2
phase linearity deg p-p   8
upper stop band ghz 12  
vibration grms 46.6
mech shock/dur g @ ms 50 @ 0.3ms
operating temp deg c -55 +85
  input power w   25


Outline Drawing and Test Data

PN53681C OD

PN53681C TD


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