P/N 30281C-1, -2

Passband Filter30281C IMG

P/N 30281C-1 and 30281C-2 are unique K- and Ku-band filters with extremely narrow passband (less than 0.025%) and wide spurious free stopband (up to 50 GHz). Such a distinctive performance is accomplished by properly combining overmoded cavities with single-mode and evanescent mode cavities. RS Microwave manufacturing experience and technological expedients are crucial to obtain excellent mechanical and thermal stability for these innovative products implementing such extreme filtering functions.


  30281C-1 30281C-2
Center Frequency (F0) 18.600 GHz 15.350 GHz
Passband F0 + 0.0002 GHz F0 + 0.0002 GHz
Passband Insertion Loss < 8 dB (6.5 dB typical) < 8 dB (5.5dB typical)
Passband Return Loss > 15 dB > 15 dB
Rejection Loss at    
F0 + 0.005GHz > 5 dBc > 5 dBc
F0+ 0.010GHz > 20 dBc > 25 dBc
F0+ 0.100GHz (up to 50GHz) > 50dBc > 50dBc
Operating Temperature -20 to +65 oC -20 to +65 oC

Outline Drawing


30281C-1 OD



30281C-2 OD

Test Data


30281C-1 TD1


30281C-1 TD2



30281C-2 TD1

30281C-2 TD2

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