P/N 41922C-1 HF Low-Pass Filter

P/N 41922C-1 is an HF low-pass filter implementing advanced techniques and hybrid technologies in order to obtain high power capability and a wide spurious free stopband.


 The filter passband extends up to 30 MHz, where less than 0.5 dB insertion loss is guaranteed. Thanks to the pseudoelliptic nature of this complex design, an extreme close-in rejection of 70 dBc is provided at 37 MHz, which is only 5 MHz away from the upper edge of the passband. The usage of hybrid technologies allows the stopband to extend up to 3600 MHz. This unit has been properly designed so as to withstand 500 W of continuous power at its input port (all power testing has been conducted at RS Microwave).

P/N 41922C-1 is manufactured according to RS Microwave quality standards to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of military avionics applications.



Minimum Passband (PB) 2-30 MHz
VSWR in PB 1.3:1 max
Insertion loss in PB 0.5 dB max
Power handling in PB 500 W CW min
-70 dB Stopband band (SB)

37-3000 MHz

(Goal 3600 MHz)

Typical -60 dB up to 6000 MHz

Power handling in SB 10 W CW min
Operating temperature -40 to +130 F
Altitude 41000 ft

Outline Drawing

41922C-1 OD

Test Data

41922C-1 TD

41922C-1 TD2

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