PN 61221C-2

High Power Diplexer


PN 61221C 1

P/N 61221C-2 is a high power diplexer developed at RS Microwave for applications at the low end of the UHF frequency band. The unit employs innovative techniques in order to obtain optimum insertion loss and isolation performance otherwise unattainable using standard state-of-art techniques. Pseudoelliptic characteristics are obtained for both RX and TX channels by implementing some of the concepts that RS Microwave has recently published in the microwave literature on the generation of transmission zeros, while superior performance in terms of resonators quality factor and temperature stability is obtained by implementing RS Microwave patented composite resonator concept. The diplexer is manufactured according to RS Microwave quality standards to withstand the environmental conditions of military applications.




Passband (PB)

385 – 400 MHz

340 – 355 MHz

Insertion Loss in PB (maximum)

0.85 dB (0.5 dB typ)

1.25 dB (0.9 dB typ)

Return Loss in PB (minimum)

16 dB (20 dB typ)

16 dB (20 dB typ)

Isolation (minimum)

90 dB at RX PB (100 dB typ)

100 dB at TX PB

Power handling (minimum)

400 W CW, 800 W PEP

100 mW CW


DC – 330 MHz

80 dB minimum

375 – 385 MHz

60 dB minimum

385 – 400 MHz (TX PB)

100 dB minimum

400 – 1000 MHz

60 dB minimum

1000 – 10000 MHz

40 dB minimum


340 – 355 MHz (RX PB)

90 dB minimum

1155 – 1200 MHz (3rd Harmonic of TX PB)

30 dB minimum

Test Data and Outline Drawing

61221c od

61221c td161221c td2


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