SR Diagram

Standard Characteristics

  • 1 - 18 GHz
  • To 15 Sections
  • Bandwidth to 30%
  • Fixed and Tunable Versions
  • High or Low Power
  • Connectors or Pins

SR Series Filters are bandstop filters covering the range 1 to 18 GHz. These filters consist of air-strip line parallel coupled quarter wave resonators. The filters are available with bandwidths from 1% to 30% and with up to 15 sections. The configuration shown in the accompanying drawing covers a frequency range of 7 to 18 GHz. Beneath 7 GHz, the thickness and width of the SR Series will change approximately in accordance with the following formulas:

Thickness = sqrt (7/fo) x 0.5, with fo in GHz

Width = sqrt (7/fo) x 1.2, with fo in GHz

The length will still follow the formula indicated in the drawing, i.e.

Length = 23/fo, fo in GHz

The specification guide curve for bandstop filters can be used to specify insertion loss, required rejection levels, etc. RS Microwave manufactures more non-standard bandstop filters than standard. The photograph illustrates various configurations, from “drop-in” to high power to tunable. The high power units can accept high average power in the stopband region, while the tunable devices employ a patented dual-mode circuit to reduce the number of physical cavities in the filter. Drop-in units can be made available with field replaceable connectors for test purposes.

SR picture

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