P/N 91741A-2

P/N 91741A-2 Waveguide Bandpass Filter

This is an evanescent mode waveguide bandpass filter. The unique and very compact design employs a negative crossover coupling to achieve a pair of real frequency transmission zeros very close to the passband. The filter displays wide bandwidth, low insertion loss, small size, and very wide stopbands. The input and output accept WR-90 waveguide flanges, but the actual working portion of the filter uses an evanescent mode approach to achieve the small size and wide stopband characteristics.


Minimum passband: 9.7 - 9.9 GHz
Maximum loss over above minimum passband: 0.90 dB, 0.75 dB typical
Maximum loss at 9310 MHz: 6 dB
Minimum –27 dB rejection: 9,200 MHz
Minimum –35 dB rejection: 10,050 MHz
Minimum –50 dB rejection: DC- 8,500 MHz, 10,800 - 14,000 MHz
Minimum –40 dB rejection: 14 - 20 GHz
RF Power: At least 40 Watts peak, 11% duty cycle

Test Data

Test Data 91741A-2

Test Data PN 91741A-2


Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing PN 91741A-2

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