P/N 92051AT

GPS Dual Triplexer Picture

GPS Dual-Triplexer (L1, L2 and L5 Channels)

This fully-Mil, highly ruggedized assembly is a GPS triple channel dual triplexer. There are three evanescent mode bandpass filters connected together at input and output. The bandpass filters tune the L1, L2 and L5 GPS channels. Two of the bandpass filters are provided with internal cross coupling so as to achieve sharp rejection near their passbands, and thus display at least 20 dB isolation to the adjacent GPS channel. The assembly thus provides passbands for the L1, L2 and L5 GPS frequencies, rejecting all other frequencies in accordance with the specifications tabulated below.


Midband attenuation at 1227.6 and 1575.42 MHz: 1.5 dB max. (1.0 dB typical)
Midband attenuation at 1176.45 MHz: 1.9 dB max. (1.7 dB typical)
-3 dBc bandwidth centered at 1176.45 MHz: At least 20.46 MHz
-1 dBc bandwidth centered at 1227.6 and 1575.42 MHz: At least 20.46 MHz
Maximum VSWR at center frequencies: 1.5:1 (50 ohms)
Minimum –20 dBc stopbands: 200 - 1,159.5 MHz
1,192.5 - 1,207.5 MHz
1,250 - 1,500 MHz
1,600 - 8,000 MHz
Power handling: At least 10 watts peak, 1 watt average
Size: See Outline
Connectors: Type N(f)
Operating environment: JTIDS/MIDS military standard shock, vibration, temperature

Test Data

Test Data 92051AT

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Outline Drawing 92051AT

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