P/N 50151B-2



Low-Loss High Rejection Bandstop Filter

Used for rejection of MIDS/JTIDS, this is a bandstop design of a new type, offering very wide stopbands combined with passbands significantly wider than any previously available. Similar broadband designs are available for rejection of other radar and communication bands. These filters can be combined with switches to form receiver protection systems, reducing or eliminating broadband receiver desensitization issues in large-signal cosite scenarios.


Minimum -50 dB stopband

969-1206 MHz

Maximum 1.3B insertion loss

DC-920, 1286-5000 MHz

RF Power

At least 80 W peak, 20 W Avg

Operating temperature

-10 to +50 C

Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing 50151B-2

Test Data

Test Data 50151B-2


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