P/N 61703B-3



JTIDS/MIDS Band Rejection Filter

This P/N 61703B-3 is the latest in the RS Microwave Band Rejection filter designed for resolving cosite interference problem with the JTIDS/MIDS Band. This filter has very steep transition slopes from passband to stopband (6 MHz is typical.). The unit is constructed as an elliptic air-slab line design, achieving high unloaded Q, which minimizes the insertion loss while maximizing the stopband attenuation.


Pass Bands

DC - 960 MHz, 1227-3000 MHz

Average Passband Loss

-1 dBa Max.

-3dBc Passband cutoff points

960 and 1227 MHz

Passband VSWR

1.6 : 1 (Typical)

Min. -35 dBc Rejections

966 – 1206 MHz

Power Limit

At least 50 W peak, 20 W Avg.

Temperature Range

-30 degrees C to +60 degrees C


Vibration, Shock, Humidity, Salt

Outline Drawing

Picture PN 61703B-3

Test Data


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