P/N 70841A-3 Switched Filter Bank


P/N 70841A-3 top viewP/N 70841A-3 Bottom view of Filter

A low frequency switched filter bank with amplification for minimizing insertion loss. It contains 3 Gaussian bandpass filters with a center frequency of 30 MHz and varied bandwidths. Switching is via high speed GaAs switches that permit path selection in less than 100 nanoseconds.


Center Frequency

30 ± 0.1 MHz.

3 dB Bandwidth

3.0, 1.0, 0.5 MHz selectable


3rd order Gaussian to 12 dB

Insertion Loss

4.0 dB maximum


1.5:1 all ports

Input Intercept Point

+22 dBm

Switching Speed

100 nanosec

Typical Switch Control*


Power Requirements*

+15 VDC @ 100 ma

Operating Temperature Range

-30 to +85°C




5.52" x 2.36" x 1.18" excluding connectors

* Other connectors, voltages and controls are available.

Test Data

Channel 1

Test Data Channel 1

Channel 2

Test Data Channel 2

Channel 3

Test Data Channel 3

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing P/N 70841A-3

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