SM filters achieve true “drop-on” surface mount performance without sacrificing electrical characteristics. The uniquepackage design installs onto microstrip or into other substrate configurations. The filter body acts as an electrical barrier,effectively isolating the input and output. Resulting isolation values can be as large as 80 dB but will not be lower than 60 dB if the substrate provides ground over the filter body contact surface. Higher isolation can be achieved if contact is also provided to the top of the filter.

The RF pins are solder plated Kovar, while the ground pins are silver plated soft copper. Thus, the ground pins can absorb thermal differences and deformation which occur during installation. Both RF and ground pins meet MIL solderability requirements. The packages are finished with silver plating to MIL-QQ-365 but are available with Rhodium or Gold flash to guarantee long life and attractive cosmetics.

  • Bandpass, Bandstop, Highpass , Lowpass
  • 0.150” thickness (SM-1 series) to
  • 0.400” thickness (SM-4 series)
  • High isolation when installed into circuit board (at least 60 dB)
  • Pins “flex” to absorb temperature differentials
  • Pins meet MIL solderability
  • Surface finish enables good grounding
  • Packages are sealed and com- pensated to comply with full MIL environmental range
  • Efficient High-Q circuits include lumped and evanescent designs (Q from 80 to 500)
  • Bandwidths to 80%
  • 10 MHz to 10 GHz

SM1 & 2 drawings w/ typical pin  


“A” dimension is approximate and is given in terms of N, the number of sections.

Tolerances:   A, B, C, F  are +/- .01 ;  D, E  are +/- .005 

SM-1 .25N .15 .40 A-.16 .260 .20
SM-2 .25N  .27  .60 A-.16 .440 .30
SM-3 .25N .30  .45 A-.16 .290 .23
SM-4 .25N .40  .75  A-.16 .590 .38

Other package sizes, pin configurations and text fixtures are available.

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