P/N 60733A-4 - 28 GHz Notch Filter


60733A-4.JPG 28 GHz Notch Filter

P/N 60733A-4 is the latest in the RS Microwave notch filter line designed for maximum notch depth, minimum loss and size. The unit is constructed in air-slab line, achieving high unloaded Q, which minimizes the insertion loss while maximizing the stopband attenuation. The unit features K(f) connectors but can be supplied with other types upon request.

Part Design

Part Design


Test Data

Test Data



DC to 40 GHz

Max. Passband Loss

2.5 dB (1 dB typical)

Max. Passband VSWR (except in notch)


Min. Rejection at 28 ± .05 GHz

-60 dBc

Filter Response

7 pole Chebychev

Passband Power

Up to 20 w



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