P/N 80431AD


P/N 80431AD Diplexer

P/N 80431AD is a true diplexer. The channel responses are quasi-elliptic, using crossover coupling to implement real frequency transmission zeros for close-in rejection while still achieving maximum passband width.


Min. Passband Channel 1 2400 - 2420 MHz
Min. Passband Channel 2 2460 - 2480 MHz
Maximum Loss over either passband as above 1.5 dB
Maximum Common Port Return Loss over either passband -16 dB
Maximum Output Port Return Loss over either passband -14 dB
Min. Interchannel Isolation, common port terminated in 50 ohms 70 dB
Nominal Impedance 50 ohms
Input Power At least 2W
Operating Temperature -20 to +60 C
Humidity Up to 95 %

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