P/N 83041C-1

83041C 1  

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225-450 MHz Pseudo-Elliptic Bandpass Filter

 P/N 83041C-1 is a wideband UHF bandpass filter designed to cover the 225-450 MHz bandwidth. The filter is unique in its advanced design techniques developed at RS Microwave which allow overcoming one of the most typical limitations of this type of wideband filters, i.e. the limited steepness of the lower transition band. P/N 83041C-1 can indeed boast a close-in rejection that is extremely high: the transmission at the lower edge of the passband goes from -0.4 dB at 225 MHz to -40 dB at 200 MHz (and then -50 dB below 190 MHz). On the upper edge of the passband, the signal is rejected down to -40 dB at 450 MHz, and more than 50 dB attenuation is guaranteed up to 3.25 GHz (thus comfortably rejecting up to the 7th harmonic). Despite the very high close-in rejections at both sides, the insertion losses in the passband are typically maintained well below 1 dB. This 225-450 MHz bandpass filter is manufactured according to RS Microwave quality standards to withstand all the environmental conditions of military and avionics applications.




Passband (PB)

225-450 MHz (minimum)

Insertion loss in PB

≤ 1 dB (0.8 dB typical)


≤ 1.5:1

Attenuation @ 190 MHz

≥ 50 dB

Attenuation @ 200 MHz

≥ 40 dB

Attenuation @ 500 MHz

≥ 40 dB

Attenuation @ 520 MHz

≥ 50 dB

Power Capability

20 W CW

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