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HF Low-Pass Filter

P/N 41922C-1


5-Channel Multiplexer

P/N 53681C


Passband Filter

P/N 30281C-1,-2

 30281C IMG

Low Loss Triplexer

P/N 20521CT

 20521C2 1 webnew

Ridgeline Evanescent Mode Filters

P/N 03331C



P/N 20441CD


Power Amplifiers


Band Rejection Filter

P/N 61703B-3



P/N 52352BD


Radar Band Rejection Filter


 50822b 2 photo

Switchable Notch Filter

P/N 50703-4


Evanescent Mode Filters

100 MHz to 40 GHz

Evanescent Mode Filters

Blind Mate Bandpass Filters and Assemblies using P/N 24011-3-1 Blind-Mate Filter

Dual Bandpass Filter

P/N 22691-8B

Blind Mate Dual Band Pass Filter
Coupled Cavities Coupled Cavities

Lumped Element and

Printed Circuit Filters

Lumped Element & Printed Circuit Filters
Multiplexers Multiplexer

Switched Filter with

Blind Mate Connector

(Illustrated: P/N 61461a-3 Four Channel Switched Filter Bank)

Switched Filter

Dual Notch Filters

JTIDS Program

High Power Bandpass FIlter


High Power Bandpass FIlter MIDS/JTIDS


P/N 61491A-1 Antenna Interface

P/N 41521 Quad Amplifier (similar)

P/N 60733A-428 GHz Notch Filter

P/N 60733A-4 28 GHz Notch Filter

Cross Coupled
Dielectric Resonator Filters
6/97 P/Ns 70153A-1 and 70153A-2

Cross Coupled Dielectric Resonator Filters
Low Frequency
Switched Filter Bank
9/97 P/N 70841A-3
P/N 70841A-3 Top View

Cross Coupled

Dielectric Resonator Filters

12/97 P/Ns 71983A-1 and 71983A-2

P/N 71983A-1 & -2

Double Diplexers

1/98 P/N 63491A-1

P/N 63491A-1
Diplexer 4/98
P/N 80431AD

Diplexer 12/98

P/N 80501AD3

Diplexer (GPS High Power)

4/99 P/N 80501AD1

Waveguide Bandpass Filter

3/99 P/N 62021A-2

Cross Coupled Dielectric Resonator Filters

GPS Dual Triplexer

P/N 92051AT (5/00)

PN 92051AT- GPS Dual Triplexer 

Waveguide Bandpass Filter

(Evanescent Mode)

4/00 P/N 91741A-2

Waveguide Bandpass Filter

Low pass "Cable" Filters 9/00

P/N 90371A -1 and -2

P/N 90371A-1 & 2

Fixed (Non-Switched)

Dual Notch Filter

P/N 90711A-3


Switched Dual

Notch Filter

P/N 90711A-6

Switched Dual Notch Filter 90711A-6


P/N 01091BD

MIDS/JTIDS Diplexer 01091BD

Compact Diplexer

P/N 10511-2

10511-2 Compact Diplexer

Low-Loss High Rejection

Bandstop Filter P/N 50151B-2


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